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“Didn’t really have any intention of going through a detox but then I read an email from Life Time about the program, did some additional research and then decided it was a good opportunity to do a reset on my body removing the toxins and establishing healthy eating habits. I was also looking forward to dropping a few pounds in the process. I only did one day of prep, looked at my schedule over the coming two weeks and decided to start the detox the following day. The entire process was not that difficult other than missing a cocktail or two on the weekends. A few days into the detox, I did feel a bit achy in my back from the toxins releasing into my body and getting used to eating clean foods. I found that a sauna, some stretching and a massage took away the aches. The recipes provided are great and even during restore and afterward, I am eating this food. Preparing meals in advance is also key. Overall, a great experience.”

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